Club Dress Code

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Ladies Course Dress Code

Not Permitted:

Jeans or Denim of any colour or style
Ski Pants
Sun or Crop Tops
Low-cut or strappy tops
Combat/Cargo shorts or trousers


Tops to have collars & sleeves or a sleeveless top must have a collar
Tops with no collar must be round neck; or crew neck with sleeves short/long
Long/Cropped Trousers
Tailored Shorts
Golf Skirts

Gents Course Dress Code

Not Permitted

Jeans or Denim wear of any description, colour or style.
Collarless/Sleeveless Shirts and Football/Rugby Shirts.
Shirts outside trousers or shorts.
Trousers visibly tucked into socks.
Socks other than predominately white socks when wearing shorts.(Knee length hose of any colour is permitted with shorts).
Non-tailored shorts
Footwear other than recognised Golf Shoes or golf trainer shoes.
Track Suit bottoms or tops.
Three quarter length trousers.
Removal of shirt.
Crew/V neck sweater on its own unless a shirt with collar or roll neck shirt is worn under it.
Combat/Cargo shorts or trousers are NOT acceptable.


Collarless golf shirts
trainer socks
Golf trainers specifically designed for golf from a recognised golf manufacturer.

Gillingham Golf Club Professional Shop


Dress Code for the clubhouse applies to Members, Guests and Societies etc. but not to external events such as weddings where a private space has been booked.

Standard Dress Code:

Gillingham Golf Club is a progressive Club and respects the fact that fashions change. Consequently we have recently introduced a slightly more enlightened dress code for the bar and restaurant areas.

Unless there is a function that has been advertised as Formal or Smart Casual the following clothing is acceptable as Standard Dress:

CLEAN golf clothing, but NOT golf shoes or Golf trainers (unless in the Stud Bar)

Clean, smart jeans, but no tie-dyed or splits/ zips other than where they should be

Casual shoes and clean trainers

Deck shoes may be worn without socks

Tailored shorts may be worn

T shirts with a collar, which may be worn in or out

Shirts may be worn in or out

Not Permitted

T shirts without a collar

Combat/Cargo shorts or trousers

Hats must not be worn in the clubhouse

Anyone unacceptably dressed will be asked to change or possibly move in to the STUD BAR where the dress code is more relaxed.

The Stud Bar

Has a more relaxed dress code and golf shoes may be worn but you will have to use the changing room toilet facilities or remove your shoes to use the toilet at the top of the stairs.


Social Events

The Club organises many social events and all Members and their guests are invited to participate.

Dress code will fall into three categories and will be advertised with the event and decided by the event organiser. They are as follows:


Gents Formal Dress:

Dinner suit and tie or lounge suit and tie.

Formal shoes

Ladies Formal Dress

Formal evening dress

Cocktail dress

Evening trousers and top

Formal shoes

Smart Casual

Gents smart casual

Long trousers (no combat/cargo shorts/trousers)

Shirt (tucked in or not) with collar (with or without jacket and tie)

Closed shoes

Ladies smart casual

Dresses, skirts or trousers (which may be cropped below the knee) or culottes

Blouses or smart tops

Shoes, boots or sandals


Casual wear is the same as our Standard Dress Code in the clubhouse and restaurant areas when there is no specific function.

Dress Code (General)

Gillingham Golf Club expects Members, Guests, Visitors and Societies to observe and respect the Club’s dress codes.

The Club’s Secretary/Manager, Professional, Staff and Committee Members have the authority to enforce the dress code and members or guests may be asked to leave the clubhouse or the golf course if they are inappropriately dressed.

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