The Rules of Ready Golf

Goal: A fourball should take no longer than 4 hours 10 minutes

Keep up with the group in front and not just in front of the group behind

If the group in front of you is in the fairway, your group should be on the tee

Be ready to hit when group in front moves to next hole

Invite those behind to play through if losing ground on those ahead or on losing a ball


On the Tee

No “Honours”- (except in Match Play) The first player ready tees off

Shorter hitter should hit first

Carry an extra ball in case you need to re-tee


On the Fairway

Hit when ready, but safely, no “Honours”

Shorter hitters should hit, if longer hitters are waiting

Watch other players hit shots to avoid looking for golf balls


Lost Ball

All other players go to your own ball. Hit and come back to help look for lost ball

Do not take more than 3 minutes to find lost ball


On the Green

Park carts between green and next tee

If one player is having trouble around the green, others should putt up until player in trouble is ready

Get ready to putt before it’s your turn

Whenever possible continue putting until holed out

1st player in the hole picks up the flag (except in competition play)

Move quickly off green, record scores at next tee


If you are ready to play and it's safe, then play!

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